Mathery Studio


Five still lifes ”What is it?” based on food products found in Chinatown.

We spent days wandering around Chinatown, captivated by the exotic and even alien foodstuffs, so distant from our pizza and pasta accustomed souls. We became absorbed in investigating their origin and identities. Stalls, stands, and shelves hidden away in Asian grocery markets were seen as a curious archive of incredible products in shapes and forms the likes of which our eyes had never seen. Some were wrapped in beautiful and potentially award winning, packaging.

We became connoisseurs, we felt we had to honor this beauty and began collecting and tasting the many foods of Chinatown. We categorized our findings in five groups or circles: Dehydrated Food, Noodles, Joss Paper Food*, Vitamins, Sweets.

*In most Asian religious practices when someone dies relatives buy the paper version of the belongings or favourite things the deceased had or wished to when he or she was alive. They then burn these paper cars, food, puppets, clothes…during the funeral to wish the deceased and happy stay in the afterlife.

Beautiful Chinatown is made up of five food montages, each composition enters on a circular motif.

11 kgs of food, a camera, 3 portable flashes in a 8 sq. meter bedroom in Brooklyn.

This series by Italian design duo Mathery Studio really speaks to my love of Asian grocery stores and all the treasures to be found there.  Designers Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli display a good deal of humor and playfulness in al of their work- click here to see more.



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