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In the 13 years of running Little Paper Planes I have never asked for money/help, but today is the day. I really need your help to continue with LPP. Full transparency I am having a hard time keeping the doors open which includes all the support I give to artists (print editions, residency, publications, etc). With this money we can evolve the store into being more of what the ethos of LPP has always been about: community based. I want to get back to what is exciting to me which is a space to enrich us, teach us, inspire us, collaborate, make art, share ideas, and start projects. We will have classes, drawing nights, potlucks, artist talks, screenings, creative mom meet-ups, after school arts program, and so much more.
SF is a brutal place for small business, but I have stayed determined to continue my mission of helping the arts. I really don’t want to be another number of a place that closes and leaves the Bay Area. I want the arts to flourish here, but we have to support it if we don’t want it to go away. I hate asking for help, but I truly need it. Please consider helping us.

Please click HERE to view our Kickstarter.

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