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Old Fashioned New Media

Opening Reception: Friday, May 13, 6-8pm

Exhibition: May 13 – June 11, 2011

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-6 pm or by appointment

For more information: Call 202.315.1310 or visit flashpointdc.org

In an exhibition featuring four artists, Old Fashioned New Media uses technology to investigate the disparate themes of nature, human interaction and the development of tools used to document our lives and communicate. The four artists work in vastly different ways and entertain a variety of concepts, but each uses technology – outmoded and new – to meditate on interaction, surveillance and communication. The exhibition opens on Friday, May 13 with an opening reception from 6-8pm.

DC based artist Andy Holtin’s Checkin’ out you checkin’ out me features two wood-panel surveillance cameras that face one another. The mechanized cameras gaze and tilt lovingly while a syrupy 80’s power ballad by Foreigner plays on headphones. The cameras at first appear to be cold and sterile, but the soundtrack gives the cameras an oddly human feel.

Chandi Kelley, also based in DC, makes use of nearly obsolete stereoscopes that allow the viewer to see photographs in three dimensions. The viewer is invited to peer into Kelley’s stereoscopes, to reveal photographs that artist took depicting humankind’s interaction and presence in the natural landscape.

Christine Buckton Tillman transforms outmoded overhead projectors using color transparencies and found objects to create immersive installations. The Baltimore-based artist states, “I give new life to small objects – making them transcend the everyday with the vibrant glow and dull hum of formerly popular AV equipment.”

The video Immaculate Telegraphy shows artist Jamie O’Shea building a crude telegraph machine during a foray into the wilderness in the summer of 2009. O’Shea, based in New York, successfully, “Set out to test if electronic communication could have been built at any time in history, if someone only had the right information.”

View the show’s page here.

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