Look Book by Guest Curator Anja Verdugo

This holiday season we are pleased to announce a new and more interactive kind of look book. We have a lineup of talented artists,designers, and friends participating as guest curators, creating their own stories around our products. Stay tuned every Tuesday for a new look book!

Our fourth guest curator is Anja Louise Verdugo. Anja is an artist/photographer/stylist based out of Portland, OR. She is the owner of Clever Nettle Vintage.

Photos by Anja Verdugo

There are few things that I find more soothing than the deep greens found in the woods, but nature’s beauty isn’t reliant on color- the shapes, textures, patterns and layers can be beautifully transformed through a monochromatic eye. By reducing a natural scene to shades of black and white, the shadows become more mysterious, the fog cools and chills, the leaves intertwine and form a web of abstract foliage. I’m becoming increasingly drawn to grayscale palettes, and they make me feel like I have access to an alternate universe that exists on the other side of color.

LPP Products:

Astoria Overlook Large Format Print by HANDSworkshop
Print 2 by Cortney Cassidy
Print 2, Mt. St. Helens by Pete Watts
Tchmo Print 1, Untitled (Landscape) 20100401bw by Tchmo
Mountains and Dunes by Lulu Wolf
Fog Poster by Debbie Carlos
Wandering Clouds Poster by Debbie Carlos

-Curated by Anja Verdugo


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