Little Paper Planes Postcard Series

Little Paper Planes Postcard Series
We are excited to announce a new series of photographs from the Little Paper Planes family.  The LPP gang– Kelly, Hillary, Maggie and Loren, want to reaffirm our belief in community by sharing a special gift to you for the holidays.  We are each contributing four special photographs to be made into postcards.  Two postcards will be placed in all of our holiday orders this season! Collect all 16 in limited editions of 50.  Two new ones will be released each week and will be put in orders (including all orders from last week!)

Our first two photographs come from Maggie Haas and Hillary Wiedemann.

1. California Evergreen 1 by Maggie Haas (Photo above)

A note from Maggie on her photo (and series):

When our postcard idea came up, and I knew we’d be wishing people happy holidays from the LPP family, I started to think about my other family, my real family back in New Hampshire, and what I do with them around the holidays.  Now that I live in California, (and LPP has been “family” since practically the day I arrived here), I both miss the four seasons — especially winter — on the east coast, and also revel in the amazing Bay Area weather that lets me enjoy blooming flowers all year round.

I collected a few images of what I miss most from my winter walks at home — the quiet, the snow, the early dusk with the sky glowing behind bare maple branches — and what I love most about walking in my new home, the Mission District, where bottle brush trees blast bright red color year round.  (Bottle brushes are also something that I remember fascinated my mother when she made her first-ever trip to California to visit me). Trees, for a former country girl like me, say a lot about place, and so when I’m thinking about family, and the idea of my two homes, they sum up a lot of my feelings.

2. Day/Night 1 by Hillary Wiedemann

A note from Hillary:

These images were taken in the cold of winter, and capture the diffracted lights of the night through the frost of the windows. From the darkness, I wanted to extract the beauty and intrigue of subtle light during the darkest days and longest nights.

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Hey old fam! Awesome idea.

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