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Life Work
Curated by Amy Owen
Artists: Aurora Crispin, Moyra Davey, Chris Kraus, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Frances Stark
June 10, 20130 July 5, 2013

Life Work brings together five artists whose works share an autobiographical impulse yet manage to eschew the often narcissistic and confessional tropes of such diaristic ventures. When viewed through a quotidian lens, recording the details of our lives and activities for broad consumption has become expected, if not deemed a mode of modern day survival; daily counts of tweets, posts, shares, and “likes” have become a barometer of success. How then does one share productively when pervasive technological platforms have normalized narcissism to an extreme, eclipsing the boundaries between public and private, personal and professional? Furthermore, what is the urgency in telling one’s own story?

Deftly using strategic restraint and nuanced manipulation of method, the artists presented here deploy critical approaches to storytelling. Drawing from the raw material of their own lives they sustain a delicate balance of obfuscation and accessibility, occupying a tricky binary territory that is at once deeply personal and publicly exposed. Ranging from historical work that persists in its resonance to that of more emergent practice, these artists utilize an array of media–from photography, video, and performance to research, the novel, and chat room forays–inverting the banality of daily life to profound ends. A loose constellation of themes emerge that examine issues as varied as consumption, identity construction, feminism, anxiety, failure, collaborative authorship, and social and economic structures of the art world and the world around us, among others. In turn, the exhibition poses that perhaps these works act more as a foil for illuminating the depth of our present human social conditions than as a reflection of the intimate subjects themselves.

blog_1_I'm not an art expertFrances Stark,My Best Thing, 2011 (video still). Digital video, color, sound, 100 mins. Courtesy of the artist.

blog_Les Goddesses still_10 copyMoyra Davey, Les Goddesses, 2011 (video still). HD video with sound, 61 mins. Courtesy of the artist and Murray Guy, New York.

blog_6_untitled-wig_2011Aurora Crispin, Untitled (wig), 2011 from A Selection of Everything, 2005-ongoing.


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