Libby Black at Marx & Zavattero, SF

I am so excited for this exhibition! I have been following Libby Black’s work for years now and have always felt connected to it. Blacks’ use of color is striking which pulls you in while the objects keep you guessing on whether you are looking at a painting, a sculpture or a real Kate Spade bag.

My current work is based on imagery culled from disparate sources like fashion magazines, snapshots, newspapers, pop culture websites, television, movies and still lifes that I have staged. I am interested in having the work chart a path through personal history and a broader cultural context to explore themes of impermanence and identity. Our lives are marked by monumental events and spectacular disasters. I have distinct mental images that represent such experiences for me – things like the birth of my son or the Challenger exploding. Our lives are also filled with mundane moments, small pleasures, and frivolous distractions. The act of drawing and painting these images is an attempt to preserve moments that are already gone or to find meaningful connections between arbitrary things. For me the still life functions in a similar way. It is a staged collection of keepsakes and other personal items displayed with arrangements of cut flowers. Making the work is a way to take pleasure in recreating attractive objects while also coding my identities (as a daughter, a lesbian, an artist, a mother, a dreamer, a fan, a lover, etc) into the compositions. Using paper, hot glue and paint, I also have been creating three-dimensional still lifes and recreating objects of personal significance.

APRIL 13 – MAY 26, 2012
Opening reception for the artist: Saturday, April 21, beginning at 5:00 PM

77 Geary Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

**All images and italicized text is from Marx & Zavattero


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