Lauren Luloff

Lauren Luloff

Lauren Luloff

The work of Lauren Luloff.

“In her latest works, Luloff explores an existence of life in animate objects and figuration through expressive, large-scale paintings. Luloff uses a layering technique of fabric which is uniquely painted on with bleach and oil paint. The translucency of the fabric reveals the process making of the work and provides an honest and considered composition. The physical texture of the work in conjunction with the pattern element, consummate a surreal effect, playing on the viewers perception of foreground and background. She composes organic shapes which allude to foliage through textile elements seen in microscopic plant life. A large element of her work also relates to life in the domestic realm. Often she uses bed sheets as material, and includes images of vases and teapots. Her work embodies life on a psychological level, evoking emotion through nostalgia and familiarity, and also through the physicality of the work itself. The subject matter as well as the abstract forms are created in a very natural way, directly relating to the body.

“The pieces we selected are about the company I am lucky to have in each day. The breaks from loneliness: a friend, a cup of tea, coffee, tending to my plants. These figures and friends all are welcome company as I quietly make my way through each day of painting. By painting my close friends and the objects in my studio I have a special moment of intimacy with them. Drawing a close friend means they are sitting still, quietly and we sometimes maintain a quiet eye contact. It is intense and I often see a new side of them. The objects are a delight to draw. It is a thrill to get the likeness of my daily used coffee maker or tea pot, to see my casually precious, and completely familiar objects reflected with a likeness in my work is surprising, and exciting. Plants become figures, too, things I care for that grow all around me. The act of drawing these items, as well as patterns inspired by time spent in India, is a meditation on passing time, on pacifying, and creating a demarcation of my daily experience in the studio.

Some of these painting go beyond such direct references, and become bore abstract narratives, still exploring similar themes of the home, the body, and nature.”

Lauren is currently showing at Cooper Cole gallery. The exhibition will be up through May 25th.

**All images and italicized text are from Cooper Cole Gallery’s website.


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