Kirsten Nash


In our culture there is a job for art, because we can’t experience reality anywhere else. -Richard Tuttle

I consider these works exploratory and often premature in their realization. I am focused on a direct simplicity that is both in the moment and informed through memory. Raw and fragmentary gestures, in paint or with pencil, they represent moments and possibilities in the process of navigating, translating, and comprehending human experience.

Appropriating the reductive grid of American Minimal and Conceptual painting, while referencing objects and places from the everyday, I seek to describe an internalized landscape that is temporal and visceral and comprises the totality of the felt experience. I play with positive and negative, referent and abstraction, line and ground, deep space and the flatness of the paper or canvas. In the most successful pieces, a tension is created. The viewer is made aware of the delicate balance of his or her reading of the oscillation between the formal properties of the work and simultaneous personal reverie. (Artist Statement, Kirsten Nash, 2012)

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