Kid’s After-School Program, Week 2!


This week was the second of our kiddos after-school program. This week we looked at form and texture through the works of Anna Valdez. Anna is an artist that is based in Oakland, Ca. She works on large scale, creating paintings that depict colorful architecture with botanical accents. She creates dreamy settings, making you want to pack your bags and escape there immediately. To see more of her work, click here.

Inspired by Anna’s use of flora and fauna in her paintings, Kelly created a series of sculptures of potted plants. Both classes of had fun with their own interpretations and creations. Majority created something different from the example, and we love that! Because at the end of the day we just want to foster their creativity. It’s never been about having them copy what we do, we want them to find their own voice and they all seem to be doing just that. We had a wide range of animals (lots of bunnies), abstract pieces, and even some nachos.

This week was even better than the last. Students were way more comfortable with each other, and us as teachers. This lead to goofy conversation and a more free feeling while creating. They were even help each other create bowties for turtles, plates for nachos and other things they were rushing to do before parent-pickup. Its all wonderful to witness and assist. We cant wait for next week!

We now have a President’s Day Camp, Spring Break Camp, and a ton of Summer Camps posted and ready for signups, click here for more information!


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