Julie Henson


“Julie Henson is an artist whose work explores modern American icons and the power of cultural images to embody collective memory. Having grown up in a religious family, her work has consistently revolved around the way iconic figures from the past and present—televangelists, celebrities, and sports heroes alike—embody concepts that reinforce shared societal viewpoints.

These concepts have taken form most recently through a series of image-based sculptures that blend advertisements and press photographs spanning six decades of major American magazines, layering cultural images that embody varying perspectives on gender, power, celebrity, and wealth. In previous work, these concepts have taken form through environmental sculptures based on the landscapes from Disney cartoons, and video projections of costumed televangelists over sequined fabric. Each project investigates the role that image plays in the construction of our shared beliefs and aspirations by exploring cultural ephemera.”

You  can see more of Julie’s work here.

All images and text from juliehenson.com




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