Isabelle Feliu


Isabelle Feliu is an illustrator originally from Québec City and currently living in Oslo, Norway.  Her illustrations are mainly about fashion, often coupled with scenes of interiors, nature, and animals.

I love Feliu’s melding of contemporary fashion illustration with a variety of art historical influences.  Her busy, somewhat flattened interiors and lounging ladies remind me of Matisse, while the stark stripes in a Paul & Joe illustration recall the strong striping of Mary Cassatt’s prints.  Tropical nudes in bold colors speak to Gauguin and the figures roaming among verdant foliage recall Rousseau.  Additionally, her women are refreshingly solid, with thick legs, rounded shoulders and rather tiny heads; a wonderful departure from the exaggerated twig-limbs of most fashion illustration.  Feliu’s women make the case for high fashion as accessible to all body types.

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