Hernan Ardila




Hernán Ardila’s (Colombia 1964) artwork is composed of non-figurative pieces; drawings and canvases characterised by the pre-eminence of form and line, fragmented composition and bordered sections of strong colours.    His work not only focuses on the spatial values of the form, but also the tempo within repetition and variation of line, colour and materials.  Ardila’s artwork is largely regarded as an installation.

Although spatial dimensions have already been present in the artists earlier oil pieces, these dimensions have become more important throughout the assembly experience.

The objective; to  adhere to the union and disposition of lines, forms, fields of colour and fragments of wood, plastic or metal.  The unitary character of the work is evident through the use of computer within its development.  The digitalisation of materials, whether by means of photography or digitally simulated form, allowing the artist to pre visualise the relations among the elements.

The montage of the digital replicas is derived from the material and at the same time constitutes its development, its modification and its integration with other elements within a deep relationship. 

Ardila’s work consists of a deep and sensitive investigation, whilst remaining light, sensible and specific in regard to meaning and feeling.  For this reason the search of precision within the relations goes hand in hand with a lack of certainty that not only demands the absence of significance but also a determined disposition of the elements, making legibility difficult.

Matter and instability — could summarise his artwork.  What really interests Ardila is the possibility to manipulate a form and alter it in multiple ways.  In this sense he is always trying to work from a point where the things still haven´t acquired their direction.  His work is fulfilled by intervened forms and elements in crisis that are placed in relation to the order of things which maintains them on their limits, unbalanced; on the verge of being put in movement, to stop being, and that which is the same, to become something else.


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