“Forgive Me For I Have Lived” Look Book by Maya Earl

Maya Earl is a nineteen-year-old photographer living in Mexico. To see more photos visit her site.

(All Photos by Maya Earl)

I was born in a catholic country.


I was raised in a house with a horned mask mounted on the door.
Encouraged to create my own gods.
Taught to believe that anything is possible.
“Stay up on Monday night. I heard the stars are going to fall.”

I played with superstitious children.
They we’re told about sin.
I was told I was a witch.
For a moment I believed them, until they said I’d burn in hell.

I am part of a human experience.
I live through skinned knees and true love.
I feel guilt and ecstasy.

One day my life will end.
Death will ride in on his dark horse.
Take my soul to the infinite beyond.
And I will leave this world behind.

Just like all the Catholic school girls.

-Maya Earl

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