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Artist Esther Ruiz constructs her sculptures from hydraulic cement, colored Plexiglas, paint, and other industrial materials, creating minimal works based on imagined experiences:

My work serves to physically commemorate and celebrate ideas, thoughts, words, instincts, feelings, passions, actions, secrets, fears, loves, hates, unknowns, curiosities, wonderments, knowledge, stupidities, explorations, events, emotions, places, spaces, and things that are drawn in my mind and stick long enough to share with you.

The imagery I work with is born out of exploring and researching fictional places imagined in my mind. Unconsciously accumulated impressions of the the tangible world amass and amalgamate in my mind. Once ruminated upon, the conglomerates exit in a filtered, minimal aesthetic that describe another place. These “places” express the uncharted depths of our creative mind and depict a dream-state unreachable in realtime. By making objects, these thoughts and ideas are commemorated and celebrated physically in space. The audience in turn, can disassemble each image or object, associating an aspect or quality with a known place or thing. Ultimately, my work exists as an effort to visually explain an emotional state of mind with mathematical acuteness.

Ruiz currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.  To see more of her work, visit her site.


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