Dream Spheres


I was asked to be a guest curator on Culturehall.

“Things are all around us, items we have bought, made or wish to own. They hold an inherent aura within them when they are in our possession. We often associate our things with a person, place or time. When I look at everything I have acquired in my house throughout the years, the objects are documentation of my life that only I know the order or value. Once I am gone, my history vanishes and it waits to be reactivated by someone new.

During the mid to late 1800s, collecting objects, especially souvenirs, became popular. This movement paralleled early industrialization and the infancy of mass production. The paper weight was a coveted object and highly collectable. These “dream spheres” could capture a moment frozen forever, both literally and psychologically. Anything could become permanently still within these timeless orbs, which created sentimental time capsules and preserved memories for the individual. I underscore the paper weight as a significant time in our history in relation to the commodification of objects.”

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