Clara Azulay



This is a so-long post as I move to something new in my life. I decided to share some of my photos from a last trip to France. These are photos of a beautiful island, Ile de Brehat, on the English Channel on the North of France. It feels like life has not really changed there since many years, but impressive enough, the tides change drastically every six hours. The Islands go from being totally surrounded by water to no water what so ever. Boats that were floating on water, after hours are laying on the ground. Amazing how much nature can change so fast. Life is planned accordingly and that was pretty impressive too. We would have to plan when to go fishing and when to go shopping on the other side of the main island, other wise we could get stuck not being able to go back by boat, or have to walk across if the tide was too low. And here I go on my next tide of life. I have had a great time while with the LPP family and I will miss all, ALL of it! Thank you so much! Much love, Clara.


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