Clara Azulay


This is a series of phone photographs from a visit to Galerie Perrotin in Paris.


Both the Statue of Liberty “Fredom Fries”, 2013 and the Hello Kitty “Maze 62″, 2013 on the background are the work of Michael Sailstorfer from the series “Freedom Fries am Arbeitsplatz”. In an interview with the gallery, Michael says: “Freedom Fries am Arbeitsplatz” might be read as a 2013 reflection on Joseph Beuys political ideas and where we see us today.”



Elevator Doors is part of the gallery permanent collection. I could not believe when I saw that the little doors would even open and close. I loved it!


Looking outside of the window.


“actualités de la peinture” by Claude Rutault




“Dear” by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu. The sculptures above are called “Teenager Teenager” 2011, Performance, canapé, pierres / Performance, sofa, stones


The gallery is divided into two different buildings one next to the other. Through this small door above you would exit the main building to the other. From the inside of the building you walk through a hallway, low sealing, then you see this small door thinking what is behind that door and when you open it, boom…you are outside…kind of lost, kind of surprise, kind of happy…loved it too!

**About Galerie Perrotin. Michael Sailstorfer. Claude Rutault. And Sun Yuan & Peng Yu.


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