Cera Hensley


Here Nor There project

This is part of a body of work that explores an area of personal psychology in the human search for purpose. Feelings of solitude, wonder, longing to belonging are exposed in the situations I create. I decided to take an unorthodox approach to creating these stories. I construct miniature landscapes no larger than 3×3 feet in my studio, then photograph them with an uncanny realism.

After photographing the landscape, I photograph real people to invoke a sense of quiet confidence, longing, truth or questioning of existence. I like to create imagery that’s familiar yet otherworldly, thoughtful and curious, unexpected and playful. My chosen method of creation influences my work as it’s a solitary process of exploration and discovery, trying to re-create the essence of a memory or feeling.

My goal with this body of work is to provide visually stimulating and thought-provoking imagery that allows for contemplation, reflection and exploration of one’s own experiences in this underlying quest to find purpose and belonging. – Cera

** However the last two images are similar to the other ones, they actually belong to the project Mime Adventures.

*** To know  more about Cera’s work please go here.


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