Aurora Crispin

The photography of Aurora Crispin. Within my own practice I have an obsession with the objects I want whereas with Aurora Crispin’s work she documents all the objects she owns/has in her home. Currently she has an exhibition up at Important Projects here in Oakland entitled, A Selection of Everything. Below is a documentation of the exhibition.

A Selection of Everything by Aurora Crispin

Shown above is the book of images she has for sale, which I am sure is worth getting.

**All images are courtesy of Aurora Crispin.

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1 mapacoNo Gravatar { 01.26.12 at 6:23 pm }

nice. i’ve thought about documenting all my things but i’d go crazy bc of how many things i have. and, although the idea is not original per se, it’s definitely a ground on which to build from, to say, “this is where i was..” and as her work progresses,,, “…and this is where i am now.”

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