All the Little Things

Sometimes the simplicity and beauty in hand made items out shines the modern plastic versions. I love these hand made toys that inspire children to use creativity, imagination, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them around my house.

From the top: Kay Bojesen Denmark Wooden Toys ($130-$230), Leather Elephant by Deru (Price upon request), Scott Albrecht Print 5 on LPP ($35), Liam the Sleepy Woodland Fox ($28), 3 Organic wood rattles ($43), Ursa Cub Little Dipper Spirit Bear ($68), Pierre le Baer ($48), Limited Edition Doll Loup Charmant ($180), Laura Felt Llama Art Marionette ($59),
Bunny Rabbit (18 Inch) Amigurumi Crochet Toy Rattles ($38), Yupik Blabla  doll ($34),
Crochet Pattern- Dim Sum Toys ($5.99), Victoria Ladefoged | Dancing man naturel ($89), Brainbow wooden natural rainbow stacking toy ($30), 74 Wooden Play Shapes by Just Gorgeous ($111.11)

Yupik Blabla  doll ($34),


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