Alain Delorme


“We have three wheels and the driving force of any man to set in motion the consumerist dream. Man is a small carrier in Shanghai. It comes moreover, these dirt roads where the bike lane ocher, light, between rice paddies. It is those migrants who simultaneously discovered the gray ribbon of asphalt, Shanghai skyscraper which are strange and shoulder capitalist totems made ​​of bottles, cartons, crates and tires. man buckling under these piles pedal but still, balancing maintains its trajectory. At each turn of the wheel, it vibrates the “big factory of the world” and is entitled to a share of this incredible cake. flush man is the image at the bottom of the social ladder. Nothing says it will not be a day at the top of the new buildings of the metropolis . In this series with bright colors, Alain Delorme said nothing else. Between the absurdity of the materialistic world and the dream immutable and ascension of man, we have to find the right path., and turn the wheel. “ Natacha Wolinski / / Excess in total equilibrium / / Air France Magazine / / August 2011

*Translated from the French by Google translator.

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