Aaron S. Moran


If you resist this!
Reclaimed wood, acrylic, primer, india ink, cast cement

If you resist this! presents a collaboration between two artists based in Surrey BC: Writer, Taryn Hubbard, and visual artist, Aaron Moran. While each work in a distinct medium, both practices hinge on the collection and juxtaposition of found materials to create a dialogue between the proposed modern future of ‘Surrey City Centre’ and the current street level experience of Whalley.

The presented sculptures are composed in direct response to Hubbard’s poetics, most significantly, works from her self-published chapbook, Whalley Suites (2013). The collected poems, written over the course of one year, present an unabashed examination of the newly declared ‘Surrey City Center’ in contrast to the current street level experience of Whalley, often associated with pawn shops, homelessness, and blue collar neighbourhoods. In much the same way as Hubbard’s written work is composed from different source materials and experiences, Moran’s sculptural assemblages are created with physical materials from Whalley and the surrounding city centre. Numerous ventures through the neighbourhood result in a collection of discarded building materials and wood scraps, which are then transformed into complex geometric forms.

Aaron S. Moran is a Candian artist. To see more from him click here.


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