Aaron Finnis at Et al. in San Francisco

Aaron Finnis at Et al. in San Francisco

Aaron Finnis at Et al. in San Francisco

The object as messenger
As intermediary, as immutable screen
Color as mediated reflection
Wow and flutter
Time and volume as borne by distance, area
Data like taffy: pulled, dyed

Et al. is pleased to announce the first Bay Area solo show of artist Aaron Finnis.

These new works reflect the difference between the painted surface and the computer screen. Simple materials and minimal decisions strikingly illustrate the ones and zeros of data as represented by on/off areas of color shifting through the RGB spectrum across the surface of the work.

Specifically, the works are split amongst different patterns and titled after these patterns as metaphors for data. Checkerboard works are like bits of information (while also recalling the blank Cartesian slate in photoshop). Works which feature parallel lines reference the form of computer and audio magnetic tape (and, to stunning effect, minimalist and op-art effects).

**All images and text are from Et al.


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